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Scratching the Itch

Nov 30, 2019

Stephen and Jake discuss three visual novels. Don't worry dear listeners, there's more to the genre than run of the mill dating sims!


Making of Conquerors:

One Night Hot Springs:

Demon's Wages:


Created by:...

Nov 21, 2019

Join Stephen and Jake as they discuss shooting things and bullet hells in their second ever episode!


Impoverished Starfighter:

I've Got A Second Chance At Life But Now I'm An Axolotl And In Massive Debt:

Panic on Layer 1:

Nov 2, 2019

Our first full length episode! Stephen and Jake talk about platformers and what itch these games will scratch.


Dig It Up Land:

Graveyard Ghost:

Insert Coin:


Created by: Stephen Brikiatis and Jake...